This is a blog that just talks about the challenges of working with young people in ways that increase their agency and self efficacy. It’s intended for youth workers, social workers, community development sorts, youth policy wonks, volunteers and anyone else who works with young people (including young individuals who work with young people).

Why ‘radical’? Young people are pretty systematically marginalised, from political disenfranchisement, to a host of social and economic policies, young people seem pretty disempowered as a social group. Genuine challenges to this then, I figure, are radical by their very nature. And I’m just a bit tired of seeing so much discussion happen about how ‘we’ workers need to fix and help vulnerable young people, like their individual lack of skills, lack of housing … lack of whatever … are the root cause of the problems of the young. Sure, many individual young people do have problems that desperately need fixing, but as a whole, something radical also has to change to improve the lot of the young so they’re not so vulnerable in the first place. We probably also need to talk about that too.

At the moment it’s just Rys’ musings, but if you’d like to contribute or challenge something or collaborate, I’m happy to chat.